9.10 Downtime & Release Notes

The following Changes & Fixes are being applied in the Wednesday, March 6th update.



[Gear Store Update] The Gear Store has been updated with brand new content for March!

[PVP Season 13] Battle for bragging rights of the Sector. Win tons of Blood Thorium, Medals, and Accolades.

[Lancer Base] The Lancer base arrives March 6th!

[Hero Token Bases] Adra, Roland, and Nyx Hero Token Bases now have had their battle timers extended to 10 minutes.


  • Fixed an issue where your Token Inventory quantity would unintentionally display as 0 in the Event Store
  • Fixed an issue where Malcolm’s Range was incorrectly showing 550
  • Fixed an issue where Malcolm’s spotter wasn’t buffing his range
  • Fixed an issue where many Heroes were using the schematics of their generic units
  • Improved Shadow Ops awards system to address issue where the final chest wasn’t immediately awarding