9.01 Downtime & Release Notes

The following Changes & Fixes are being applied in the Friday, January 4th update.



[Renowned Heroes] New Levels are now available for select Survivors Heroes. Battle the Survivor Hero Base, coming this Saturday, to earn Tokens for Weaver, Skipjack, and Max! Once they reach level 6, these heroes can be deployed alongside other heroes!


[PVP Season 11] Reminder – PVP Season 11 comes to an end on January 9th when server downtime begins. Push to the highest spot on the Leaderboard as you can!


[Faction Walls] Walls will now appear to reflect your current Faction


[Unit Categorization] We have improved the categorization of units in Production Buildings, including removing portraits of units that are not yet unlocked.


[Chat UI] Introduced a hidden mode for chat where it will only display 1 line of text


[Coordinates Widget] Improved navigation on the World Map and introduced a popup for entering coordinates to scroll to.

[Token Upgrade Progress] Improved display of Token Progress for units that need Tokens for upgrades



  • Fixed an issue where missiles would use the wrong art when upgrading and would not update the UI afterward
  • Improved Missile impact visual accuracy. Previously the impact was the Missile’s center; now it is the front of the Missile
  • Fixed an issue where the unit selection UI didn’t work correctly when selecting single types of units by clicking on their portrait in battle