8.35 Downtime & Release Notes


The following Changes & Fixes are being applied in the Thursday, August 30th update.



  • [Shadow Ops: Out For First Justice of Blood] The fight for the Sector continues! Earn more Standard Romero parts and brand new Bishop Tech!
  • [Romero Boss Base] Earn Elite Romero Parts in this challenging new Boss Base!



  • [Raid Update] Fight with your Alliance to win valuable Diamond Tech
    • Added to Raids:
      • Cerberus Diamond Tech
      • Cyclops Diamond Tech
      • Spartan ZK Diamond Tech
    • Removed from Raids:
      • Detonator Diamond Tech
      • Phalanx Diamond Tech
      • Seeker Diamond Tech
    • All Available Diamond Tech:
      • Cerberus Diamond Tech
      • Cyclops Diamond Tech
      • Spartan ZK Diamond Tech
      • Bonesaw Diamond Tech
      • Disruptor Diamond Tech
      • Sharpshooter Diamond Tech
  • [Use It or Lose It] We will be extending Operation: Heatwave’s Use It or Lose It store for 48 hours
    • The Trophy, Bishop, Expert Cyclone, Impact Rounds, and TK Rounds will now appear at their correct prices
  • [Siege Squadron] We have updated the way drops work in the Elite and Omega Siege Squadron Bases with a weekly reset if applicable
    • Elite: Parts now drop in the following order
      • 2,3,1,1,1,etc
    • Omega: Parts now drop in the following order
      • 2,3,4,1,1,1,etc



  • Fixed an issue where Alliance Tags would disappear after relocating
  • Fixed remaining Accolades that were not appearing or displaying incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where using a Platoon consisting of only one Neil resulted in him not being removed from your inventory
  • Fixed an issue where Single-Use Neil would take up Aircraft Capacity




  • The following issues are currently being investigated:
    • When Neil dies in a regular Platoon, players are unable to remove Air units from the Platoon
    • Neil can’t be placed in a PVP Platoon if you only have one Helipad built