8.32 Downtime & Release Notes


The following Changes & Fixes are being applied in the Wednesday, August 8th update.



  • [Invasion] The True Believers are back and seek absolute destruction of the Sector. Defend your base to win Tokens and Components for the Fury, Hades, Phalanx and Cyclops!



  • [Gear Store] Expert Deena has been added back to the Gear Store for 400k Medals
    • Standard Deena has been added to the Gear Store for 50k Medals
    • The Purifier, Hammer, and Apollo Tokens have been added back into the Gear Store
  • [Blitz] The Bonus Metal and Oil bases are no longer Blitzable



  • Purchasing the Purifier, Hammer, and Apollo Tokens from the Gear Store now award the correct Tokens
  • Updated the description of Galen’s Custom Treads component
    • From: Increase Turn Speed up to 100%, Movement Speed up to 25%, and Acceleration up to 100%
    • To: Increase Turn Speed by 100%, Movement Speed by 25%, and Acceleration by 100%
  • Fixed the Invisible Box issue where players could not click on targets that appeared directly below the Attack HUD
  • Fixed an issue where the Ability Bar would not appear when selecting units via hotkey
  • The following issue was fixed last week
    • Fixed an issue where the Power Inverter tech for the Blackout would cause all buildings to become overpowered and explode upon death
  • Fixed an issue where the game client was still simulating explosions from the Power Inverter Blackout tech




  • There is currently an issue with duplicate Warpath Trophies. This will be fixed in the near future. Please note that this is not considered a cheat and you will not be penalized.