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We are a fairly new tag that has players of all levels, from 20 to 46, and looking to grow. We’re a friendly and active bunch, always looking to help each other in various ways, and the sector we call home. We’re constantly recruiting, even when this post is 6 months old LOL, welcoming players of all levels – not just high levels. We enjoy seeing players progress.

Our Home

Sector 123 is where we live, it is as nice a place you will find in WC. All tags there get on, help each other and defend each other – new arrivals are always offered a warm welcome by all. The sector is free of politics and idiots…well, most of the time ūüėČ

How to Join

Simply click on the link below and fill in the webform.
We’ll contact you as soon as possible.


War Commander monthly news:

april, 2019

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Operation: Great Awakening


Attention Commanders,

Brother Jeremiah has returned with his "True believers". We must hold the sector and defend and throw back the zealots. 

Good luck Commanders


There are 2 tracks in this Operation, each with a series of missions that scale in difficulty as you progress. Each mission contains increasingly powerful rewards should you achieve victory! All players start with 4 Replay Tokens.

Operation: Great Awakening runs a Main and Corpus faction track.
The Event begins on Thursday, April 18th at 10 am PDT and ends on Wednesday, April 24th at 10 am PDT.


  • Deployable Units: All Units
  • Enemy: True Believers
  • 12 Attack Missions (Enemy: Variable)
  • 4 Defensive Missions (Enemy: Variable)
  Base Defense 2,500 5 Million Thorium
1 Attack 5,000 Gen 1 Unit Roll x 5
2 Attack 7,500 Gen 2 Unit Roll x 3
3 Attack 10,000 Faction Mission 1 Unlock + Bronze Cache
  Base Defense 15,000 SU Hero + 10 Million Thorium
4 Attack 20,000 Bronze Cache
5 Attack 25,000 Bronze Cache
6 Attack 30,000 Faction Mission 2 Unlock + Silver Cache
  Base Defense 40,000 SU Hero + 15 Million Thorium
7 Attack 50,000 Silver Cache
8 Attack 60,000 Silver Cache
9 Attack 70,000 Faction Mission 3 Unlock+Gold Cache
  Base Defense 85,000 SU Hero + 20m Thorium
10 Attack 120,000 Gold Cache
11 Attack 150,000 Faction Mission 4 Unlock + Boss Cache

Gen 1 Unit Roll (Faction Specific):
9 Spartan ZK, 3 Apollo, 3 Fury, 3 Hades or 3 Phalanx.

Bronze-Gold Cache: Gen 3 Corpus Tech.

Boss Cache: Previous unit (Manticore) Tech x 3: Bronze, Silver or Gold.

1 Attack 25,000 Gen 2 Unit Roll x 4
2 Attack 50,000 Random Tokens 3 x
3 Attack 100,000 Gen 3 Unit + Restart Token
4 Attack 200,000 Gen 3 Unit (x3) + Trophy Unlocked for Purchase

Training Tokens: Random Corp Tokens (1 Drakon, 1 Cyclops, 1 Sphinx, 1 Cereberus or 1 Escort)
Gen 3 Unit Roll:
Cereberus, Sphinx.



Sector Goals:


Item Price Notes
Great Awakening Trophy 400,000  
Annihilator 550,000 New Sentinels tank
Annihilator Training Token 400,000 Training Token
Effective Dispersal 700,000 Nova Weapon part
Optimized Cycles 700,000  
Nova Part 175,000 Regular Nova Part (8 needed)
Elite Nova Part 100,000 Elite Nova Part (40 needed)
Elite Nova Part x 4 275,000 Elite Nova Part package (10 needed)
Reinforced heavy platform 450,000 Base defence
Bishop Fervor Aura 300,000 Sentinel
Hornet 650,000 Drone: Unlimited
Yellowjacket 750,000 Drone: Unlimited
GK Rounds 300,000 Tech (Unlimited): Hornet
Universal Rounds 300,000 Tech (Unlimited): Hornet
Vector Armor 300,000 Tech (Unlimited): Hornet
Carapace Armor 300,000 Tech (Unlimited): Hornet
GK Payloads 300,000 Tech (Unlimited): Hornet
Universal Payloads 300,000 Tech (Unlimited): Hornet
Directional Armor 300,000 Tech (Unlimited): Hornet
Shell Armor Gunship SharpShooter 300,000 250,000 180,000 Tech (Unlimited): Hornet Gen 2 Unit: Survivor Unit: Survivor
Breacher 56,000 Gen 2 Unit: Survivor
Technical 125,000 Gen 2 Unit: Survivor
War Dog Escort 90,000 141,000 Gen 2 Unit: Survivor Gen 3 Unit: Corpus
Cereberus 225,000 Gen III Unit: Corpus
Sphinx 180,000 Gen III Unit: Corpus
Drakon 180,000 Gen II Unit: Corpus
Cyclops 225,000 Gen II Unit: Corpus
Bishop 140,000 Gen III Unit: Sentinels
Envoy 225,000 Gen III Unit: Sentinels
Caretaker 280,000 Gen II Unit: Sentinels
Chaplain 150,000 Gen II Unit: Sentinels
Improved Engine Armored Engine 62,500 62,500 Gunship Survivor tech Gunship Survivor tech
TK Rounds Impact Rounds Deflection Shield 47,000 47,000 14,000 Bronze Survivor Tech: Sharpshooter Bronze Survivor Tech: Sharpshooter Bronze Survivor Tech: Breacher
Steady Shield 14,000 Bronze Survivor Tech: Breacher
Artic Tires 3,000 Bronze Survivor Tech: Technical
Grip Tires 31,000 Bronze Survivor Tech: Technical
Dog Tags Extended Barrel 17,500 70,000 Bronze Survivor Tech: War Dog Silver Survivor Tech: Sniper
Hotshot Bullets 70,000 Silver Survivor Tech: Sniper
Evasive Maneuvers Weapons Training 200,000 200,000 Gold Corpus Tech: Apollo Gold Corpus Tech: Apollo
Resistant Glass 45,000 Bronze Corpus Tech: Sphinx
Heavy Glass 45,000 Bronze Corpus Tech: Sphinx
Siege Armor 56,000 Bronze Corpus Tech: Drakon
Tactical Armor 56,000 Bronze Corpus Tech: Drakon
Improved Threads 56,000 Bronze Corpus Tech: Cyclops
Thick Tires 56,000  
Sustain Armor 56,000 Bronze Sentinel Tech: Envoy
Heavy Armor 56,000 Bronze Sentinel Tech: Envoy
Solid Coil 70,000 Bronze Sentinel Tech: Caretaker
Zone Coil 70,000 Bronze Sentinel Tech: Caretaker
Heavy Fuel 37,500 Bronze Sentinel Tech: Chaplain
Lightweight Fuel 37,500 Bronze Sentinel Tech: Chaplain
Weapons Lab 300,000 Building
Cores x 20 50,000 Bastion Resources
Chemicals x 250 50,000 Bastion Resources
Silicon x 250 50,000 Bastion Resources
Cores x 1 3,000 Bastion Resources
Chemicals x 4 1,000 Bastion Resources
Silicon x 4 1,000 Bastion Resources
Sector Goal Points 500,000  

 SECTOR GOALS  Battle the Omega Nova Sector Goal Bases to win between 1-7 x Omega Nova Parts or 5M Thorium (if you can't earn anymore Omega Parts).

Here we have a collection of vids to watch for this months Spawn bases.

Here are the vids for the Nova Boss Base

Here are the vids for Special OPS - Hidden in Darkness - EASY WAY 95, 70, 45